helping humans solve complex problems through play

Curious to Explore, Courage to Try, Creative in Change.

Do you want to improve mental & physical wellbeing through movement?

I will help you explore movement-based mindfulness tools that support your wellbeing. We practice joints ART, coordination, improvisation, partner games, object interaction and FlowWeaves (Parkour).

Mindful Movement for wellbeing via Inspire By FM.

Playful Athleticism via Parkour.

Fabian and Nadia exploring joint articulation, coordination, and improvisation using a martial art belt weighted with a sandbag. They are passing it to each other in Emu Park in Bowden, Adelaide.

Are you looking for team-building games that build trust & engagement?

I will help you develop communication, trust and relationships. We practice playfulness, cooperation, role-based situations, competition, shared attention and communication.

Flexible Team Dynamics via Inspire By FM

Creative team communication via Lego Serious Play

Have you ever wished for a more effective way to solve complex problems?

This offering will help you evolve your own tools for probing and solving complex problems. We will practice collective presencing, creative evolution, game-based learning and serious play.

Strategy and Planning via Lego Serious Play

Creativity and Evolution via Inspire By FM

Three students participating in a Lego Serious Play workshop. They are standing around a table with a large collection of lego. They are each starting to put together a visual scenario using Lego. They are probing and solving complex problems using the practice of divergent thinking.

Do you want to unlock your hidden value?

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ecology of practice

We often separate our bodies and minds. Workplace for our minds, exercise for our bodies.

Alternatively, an ecological view is that both worlds are ONE integrated system.

But, integrating MindBody practice into LIFE is not yet a common skill.

Moving Puzzles is an ecology of MindBody practices:

  • Mindfulness [Move] → moving with intent, attention and awareness
  • Obstacle games [Connect] → playing games that reveal new connections
  • Serious play [Puzzle] → objects for storytelling and complex problem solving
  • Teamwork [Team]→ integrating mindfulness, obstacle games and serious play.

Like all ecologies, the boundaries between these practices are blurred and changing. They change as we do.

what puzzlers say...

I had the opportunity to train with the MOVING puzzles, and I can confidently say it was one of the most transformative experiences of my life.

Their approach is unlike anything i’ve ever experienced in my fitness and movement practice.


Moving Puzzler since 2019.

Emily and Nadia playing partner games during a group class. They are improvising using a ball on a string but have the constraints of being locked in a circle formed by a martial arts belt.
Cameron and Nadia participating in a group class based around the idea of tangling. They are joined together with a large rubber band. Cameron is leading Nadia around in a circle.
"Working with Dean is so much fun - I leave every session absolutely buzzing! It's challenging, unique, and varied - that's what I love about it. No puzzle is the same - just like my everyday life. Having the freedom to create, explore and change is so powerful!"


Moving Puzzler since 2022


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Body Surfaces

Inspire By FM
What surfaces of your body are invisible to you?
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Sharp Minds Post-Retirement

Inspire By FM
How can we grow young in our minds through our bodies?
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Models of Playful Connection

Inspire By FM
How do facilitators, teachers or leaders inspire connection between those they serve?
An image from the current event card/

Old School Meets New School

Inspire By FM
What are the fundamentals of coordination and strength?
An image from the current event card/

Strictness becomes Playfulness

Inspire By FM
How do we bridge the worlds of individual strictness and playful partnering?
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Creativity in Leadership and Teamwork

Inspire By FM
How can we creatively reveal hidden value in our leadership and teamwork?

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